Avast anti-virus software began to include AVG’s behavior analysis service in the 2017 version of the product, which also known as Behavior Shield. The aswbIDSAgent service can scan running programs and protects against threats, ransomware, and detects other malware.

When you installed the new version of Avast, you can open the Task Manager and will see that the process name running, which is the Avast Identity Protection service called aswbIDSAgent.

  So, let’s drive into what is aswbIDSAgent service.

What is aswbIDSAgent?

The official definition of aswbIDSAgent is the Avast Identity Protection service. In general, this service should be active and running. In some cases, you can block the behavior if you want to temporarily disable the service.

The aswbIDSAgent is a Behavior Shield process, a new proactive protection feature that ensures Avast users are protected from unknown malware. Let’s dive into the Behavior Shield service.

You can compare Behavior Shield with the actual security of patrol missions during major incidents. Suspicious or dangerous behaviors of the crowd can be observed due to real-life safety.

The Behavior Shield monitors all programs running on PCs that have passed initial security checks. It looks closely at the behavior of the program, and if it finds some anomalies, it will look closer.

Once it identifies what is really suspicious, it will stop and report the behavior to you before doing any damage.

So, for example, if your mail client launches a javascript interpreter connected to the Internet, then Behavior Shield will step in as this is not normal behavior for the mail client and may lead to malicious downloads.

In other words, the aswbIDSAgent can also be understood as a “behavioral protection” module. This module is a continuously active monitoring agent that monitors everything running on the system.

You can check out the aswbIDSAgent service in the Task Manager panel like the following image.

What is aswbIDSAgent service

How to disable aswbIDSAgent service?

In some cases, we need to disable aswbIDSAgent temporarily, here is a solution to disable the aswbIDSAgent. (Check out the detail steps to disable aswbIDSAgent)

  1. Open you Avast
  2. Click the Settings, enter components
  3. Then cancel the Behavior Shield service. Select a time option you want to keep aswbIDSAgent service disable.
  4. Click the OK button. It’s done.

By the way, though you can choose to disable aswbIDSAgent permanently, we recommend keeping the Avast service running except for the cases that need to disable it temporarily.

Reference: Behavior Shield: our newest behavioral analysis technology (link)