Tumangaonline can’t download chapters, the below is the detail description of the issue and solution to fix it.

 The issue is that the list of the mangas can be correctly downloaded, however, the chapters didn’t appear.

I had sure that the Advance settings are all disabled. See the following image.

tumangaonline can not download chapters

I had redownloaded the modules and the Free Mangas Downloader, but it’s no effective.

How to fix the Tumangaonline can’t download chapters issue?

I also had trouble with TuMangaOnline, it worked before the last update. However, after I tried to download the update from TuMangaOnline, and it no longer works, but all other sites can work normally, including TMOHentai,

When I visited the site on my browser, I did not receive any verification code and tried to clear cookies and use multiple browsers.

It might an issue with redirects before the URL was http://tumangaonline.com and now it is https://tmofans.com. So, when you try to access tumangaonline.com, it redirects you to tmofans.com.

Also could be a problem with HTTPS, in the cast that before it was just using HTTP and now it is using HTTPS.