IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts and Mac Shortcuts

Mac keyboard symbols and modifiers description ⌘ Command ⇧ Shift ⌥ Option ⌃ Control ↩︎ Return / Enter ⌫ Delete ⌦ Delete Forward (Fn + Delete) ↑ Up arrow ↓ Down arrow ← Left arrow → Right arrow ⇞ Page Up (Fn + ↑) ⇟ Page Down (Fn + ↓) Home Fn + ← End Fn + → ⇥ Right Tab (Tab) ⇤ Left Tab (Shift + Tab) ⎋ Escape (Esc) Editing ⌃Space Basic … Read more

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How to set up Git Server on Mac in LAN?

Due to the project and time constraints, collaborative development cannot be avoided. Git version control tool is the best option for us. Usually, remote git repositories can use GitHub. However, considering that the company project is not suitable for going public, I decided to set up a git server myself on Mac in the company … Read more

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How to install MySQL on Mac?

How to install MySQL on Mac? Following this article, the work to install MySQL on Mac will get easy to be done. You can use the brew command to install mysql on Mac. Install mysql through homebrew, the latest version is installed by default. If you want to install other versions, you need to specify … Read more