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About Soldier

From the begin of you remember things, war has always been living in this particular 5e soldier background.

The life in your memory is only war. Since training as a child, you have learned how to use various weapons and armors, mastered various survival techniques. Then you know how to survive on the battlefield.

You may have been a member of a local militia or a mercenary regiment or a member of a recent militia on the battlefield.

When you choose this d&d 5e soldier background, you work with your Dungeon Master to discuss specific information about your military organization, the rank of your rank in it, and the specific events you have experienced in your military career.

Have you served as a regular soldier, city guard, or rural militia? Or a personal bodyguard as a noble or businessman, or a private mercenary.

  • Skills Proficiencies: Intimidation, Athletics
  • Tool proficiency: A gambling equipment, Vehicle
  • Equipment: A military rank emblem, a loot (a dagger, a destroyed weapon, or a shard of a flag) obtained from a fallen enemy; A set of bone dice or a set of cards; A set of ordinary clothing, and a 10gp belt bag

Soldier background 5e Specialty

You worked in a specific profession in your group or army during your time as a soldier. Refer to the table below to cast a d8 to randomly determine the orange major, or choose directly from the table:

d8 Specialty
1 officer
2 quartermaster
3 scout
4 standard-bearer
5 infantry
6 support staff
7 cavalry
8 healer

Features: Military Rank

You have won ranks as a soldier. Those who are loyal to your previous organization will still recognize your authority and influence, and those who are lower in rank will still obey your orders.

With the influence of military ranks, you can temporarily acquire simple equipment or horses from other soldiers. And you can freely pass through friendly army camps and forts that recognize your rank.

Suggested Characteristics

The horrors of war and the strict discipline in military service engraved in the minds of all soldier backgrounds, shaping their ideas, condensing solid ties. Then even leaving scars on them or making them right emotions such as fear, shame and hatred are more sensitive.

Soldier 5e Personality Traits




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