SandDance – open source data visualization tool

SandDance is a Microsoft open source data visualization library. It’s powerful data visualization tool driven by JavaScript. SandDance make it visually explore, understand, and to present your data.

This data visualization tool was created by the Microsoft Research VIDA Group, which explores novel technologies for visualization data and immersive data analytics.

SandDance use visualization to map rows in the database one-to-one to the screen. Views seamlessly and smoothly transition during data interaction, showing cool results.

SandDance uses easy-to-understand views, it can help you find insights about data, help you to show data-supported stories, based on evidence cases, test hypotheses, and insight into surface interpretations.

It support purchase decisions or related data to a broader, real world background.

This open source data visualization tool uses unit visualization to apply a one-to-one mapping between rows in the database and on-screen markers. A tilted animation transition between forwards helps you keep a small amount when interacting with data.

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