What is JPA, Hibernate and Spring Data?

What is JPA? JPA stands for Java Persistence API. JPA uses JDK 5.0 annotations or XML to describe the object-relationship table mapping relationship and persists the entity objects at runtime into the database.  The above is just a definition of JPA, let’s take a look at another paragraph to better understand what it is: JPA … Read more

How to check if adview has ad running?

Question: I currently have an adView that is launched whenever an activity is launched. I’d like to check if that adView already has an Ad running and if it does then it continues running that Ad , however, if it does not have an Ad running then I would like to load and Ad intho that adView.

Java Error: Could not find or load main class

Question: This question already has an answer here:22 Answers: You must ensure that you add the location of your .class file to your classpath. So, if its in the current folder then add . to your classpath.
Note that the windows classpath separator is a semi-colon ie ;