What is JPA, Hibernate and Spring Data?

What is JPA? JPA stands for Java Persistence API. JPA uses JDK 5.0 annotations or XML to describe the object-relationship table mapping relationship and persists the entity objects at runtime into the database.  The above is just a definition of JPA, let’s take a look at another paragraph to better understand what it is: JPA … Read more

Something should know about the Django admin interface

This is one learning note of the Django admin interface. The following list is the skill points we should know or master it. The Django’s automatic admin interface is one of the most powerful parts. It automatically reads metadata from models to provide a fast, model-centric interface. Then wen can manage content on the website … Read more

How to write a good README for a project?

README file is the first source of other people’s understanding and impression of the project. Especially for open source projects, it is very important, it is like a person with a face and a company with a homepage, but many projects do not pay attention to this. The warehouse is so vast that there is … Read more

How to install MySQL on Mac?

How to install MySQL on Mac? Following this article, the work to install MySQL on Mac will get easy to be done. You can use the brew command to install mysql on Mac. Install mysql through homebrew, the latest version is installed by default. If you want to install other versions, you need to specify … Read more

jQuery HTML5 Image Viewer Plugin – preview-image.js

In this article, we will share one HTML5 Image Viewer Plugin based on jQuery, it’s the preview-image.js . HMTL5-preview-image.js is a lightweight HTML5 Image Viewer Plugin. It enables to display image in a fullscreen sliding panel with the ability to navigate between images via keyboard arrows or touch swipe events. How to use it: 1. Load … Read more

How to Use NPX Command?

If you are the first time to see npx command, then you may will ask: What’s an NPX? The first time I saw the PX command was in Babel’s documentation. Note: If you do not have a package.json, create one before installing. This will ensure proper interaction with the npx command. I tried it on my own computer and … Read more

Super cute plain CSS3 sliding switch button

This time we will to share  a group of very cute CSS3 sliding switch button. This  plain CSS3 slide switch button is realized  through the original checkbox style Replace it with a custom style in CSS3. This  plain CSS3 slide switch button is realized  through the original checkbox style Replace it with a custom style in CSS3. … Read more

How to Configure Globobject in Webpack?

How to configure globobject in webpack correctly? I wrote an NPM package by myself, and configured the libraryTarget configuration in the Webpack to generate js files in umd mode, so that packages can be imported in both NPM mode and script tag mode. However, when the package is imported into the SSR rendered application, an … Read more

jQuery Custom Drop-down CheckBox

In the article, we will share one jQuery plugin that you can custom drop-down checkbox, which supports grouping, multiple selection, and search. It not only allows you to customize the browser’s select drop-down box style, but also supports grouping, multi-selection and search of drop-down options, and you can set the maximum number of choices. If … Read more

Googlemap.ninja.js – jQuery Google Maps Plugin

jQuery Google Maps plugin that makes it easier to embed Google maps with custom map markers in the webpage. How to use it Google maps plugin? 1.First include jQuery library and the jQuery googlemap.ninja.js script on the webpage and we’re ready to go. <script src=”/path/to/jquery.min.js”></script> <script src=”/path/to/googlemap.ninja.js”></script> 2. Create a DIV container to place your … Read more