Outlander 5e in DnD Backgrounds

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As we all know, each dnd 5e backgrounds do their own performance on the basis of their capabilities, features.

No doubt, the outlander 5e background with various capabilities or many features. Luckily, you will learn more about one of these outlander background 5e from the below-mentioned subjects.

Okay, let’s see the overview of Outlander 5e.

Overview of Outlander 5e

You grow up in a wilderness far from civilization, away from the city and technology.

And, you have witnessed migratory immigrants of cattle larger than the forest. As well as the extremely harsh living climate that any city dweller can understand, and the loneliness of becoming a specific thinking creature in any direction.

Whether you are a nomad, a hermit, a hunter, or even a predator, your wilds lineage is flowing.

Even where you don’t even know the specific characteristics of the places, you always know the way in the wild.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Survival, Athletics
  • Tool Proficiencies: One Type Of Musical Instrument
  • Language: One Of Your Choices
  • Equipment: The d&d 5e staff, the trophy of the animal you killed, the 10 gp belt bag, a hunting trap and a set of traveler’s clothes.

You have excellent capabilities, such as the outstanding memory for maps and locations. You can always so easy to recall the overall layout of the terrain, settlements and other surrounding features.

Furthermore, as long as there are berries, small wildlife, water, etc. on the land, you can find food and freshwater for yourself and up to five people every day.

Outlander 5e DnD Background
Outlander 5e background

Recommended characteristics of 5e outlander

Among the civilized people, you are often considered rude, rude and lay-off staff to disdain the goodness of urban life.

The connections between tribes, families, clans and the natural world in which they live are more important than most outlander dnd 5e backgrounds.

Like all other dnd backgrounds 5e (most probably acolyte 5e), this outlander also has recommended features such as personality traits, ideals, ties, and shackles, so let’s check.

Figure out the characteristics of acolyte 5e.

Personality Traits


Ideal and Bond

The Feature of Origin

You have been to a strange place and have seen anything else that cannot be understood. Consider some of the distant land you have visited and how they have affected you.

So, you can scroll through the forms given to determine your career in the field time, or you must choose a career that best suits your role.

Feature of Wanderer

We have an excellent memory for maps and geography. The overall layout of the terrain, settlements, and all other features around you is readily available for recall.

The outlander background also has other features. You can find fresh water and food for yourself, and you can find up to five other people every day, and the land can provide berries, water, games and so on.

Outlander Staff

  • Outlander Staff is extra options.
  • The 5gp is the worth of dnd outlander staff.
  • When any backgrounds in dnd 5e do not provide a single weapon and non-weapons use a focus such as arcane focus. The guy can help you, and you can use it as anything else.
  • The outlander 5e will provide you with crutches.
  • Just as all good canes are enough for the caster to cast clear spells, this is simply accidental.
  • In fact, this means that your figure has an ideal staff that can be used as easily as possible in the arcane focus. Of course, if your figure has ever got the ability to cast such a spell.

The end words

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