A Open Source Blog Website Based on Django & Boostrap Framework

Here is a open source blog website based on Django and Boostrap framework for free download.

This open source website bases on Django 2.1 and Python 3.6. The front-end style is driven by Bootstrap, which supports responsive layout and supports multiple terminal displays.

Main function of the open source blog website

  • Support guest message function
  • Support login and registration functions
  • Articles can be displayed in various forms such as date, classification, and label.
  • The website uses xadmin in the background to make up for the ugly shortcomings of the native background.
  • The bottom of the article supports multiple levels of comments, the comment box supports rich text,Markdown
  • Article writing support Markdowneditor, article page display support code highlighting
  • Support login user message reminder function, have new article comments and get notified at the first time
  • Support for adding book and movie functions, it is suitable for friends who like to read books and like to watch movies.
  • Support full-site keyword search, the search scope is article label, content, search result keyword highlighting
  • More features…

How to install the website system?

1 Download the website code to local

2 Installation and Operating Environment

Pip install -r requirements.txt

3 Modifying the configuration file

Open the django/settins/local.pyfile, locate the following code, fill in the database information

     ' default ' : {
         ' ENGINE ' : ' django.db.backends.mysql ' ,
         ' NAME ' : ' database name ' ,
         ' USER ' : ' database account name ' ,
         ' PASSWORD ' : ' database account password ' ,
         ' PORT ' : ' 3306 ' ,
         'HOST ' :' localhost ' ,

4 Database Migration

Terminal execution in the root directory of the website

Python manage.py makemigrations
Python manage.py migrate

5 Running the test

Terminal execution in the root directory of the website

Python manage.py runserver

If you are considering to develop a website system using Django, this website source code is a good reference. Just be feel free to use it.

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