There are a lot of free illustrations on the Internet that allow users to download freely. But most of them only provide common PNG or SVG formats, few original images for downloaded. Here, I want to tell you that Open Doodles hand-painted illustration are free to downloaded.

Because some designers think that the knowledge should be shared with the world, just as the idea of designer of Open Doodles.

What’s Open Doodles ?

Open Doodles is designed and maintained by Pablo Stanley. Some graffiti illustrations are made by scanning sketches when he draws during breaks or meetings.

He thinks that graffiti can help focus attention during the meeting. While the rest is drawn by iPad and then converted to Illustrator. The vector map is exported to SVG and PNG formats.

Users can download each hand-drawn illustration or original file in Dropbox. Note that it comply with CC0 license released along with the original file.

Open Doodles Hand-painted Illustration

Pablo Stanley recalls that when he first started drawing illustrations, he didn’t have the money to buy drawing software, and he didn’t know how to start digital editing. He couldn’t use pirated software, or even steal CDs that came with technology magazines.

The examples and some design templates have also learned a lot, until a theft is caught, he has never done so.

Pablo Stanley knows that there are others who are also eager to learn. I hope that what I can do can help them grow and improve their talents. So, they decide to open the original documents and let them download them for free.

On Open Doodles you can download very beautiful, vivid and textured hand-drawn illustrations, including PNG and SVG formats. Which are released using CC0 license, free to copy, edit, remix or share these patterns. And its can also be used Personal or commercial use without copyright restrictions. 

Open Doodles also offers an online generator feature that allows users to adjust and preview the color scheme.

Open Open Doodles website, you will see many original hand-drawn illustrations on the front page. Are these lines interesting? Looks very lively? Even a static picture looks like a built-in sound?

Click the ” Compositions ” from the top right corner, you will see the different screen effects of these hand-drawn illustrations in different colors or mashups. These materials can be downloaded for free.

It’s very easy to download these hand-drawn illustrations . Move the mouse cursor to the top of the image. The SVG and PNG buttons will be displayed at the bottom.

Some of the footage will be connected to the Dropbox Cloud Drive. The Download button will be available from the top right corner, its can be downloaded directly or saved to your Dropbox account.

Why you should to use the Open Doodles Hand-painted Illustration

  • Open Doodles hand-drawn illustration with simple lines and vivid design.
  • Open Doodles Hand-painted Illustration are for free download.
  • Released using CC0 authorization for personal or commercial use
  • Provide .ai and .sketch original file open for download.