How to Realize jQuery Mouse Sprite Effect?

This jQuery mouse sprite effect is a fun background effect using jQuery and CSS animations.

By using jQuery and CSS Animations, these colorful little sprites will follow your mouse around a certain area (container).

The numbers of sprites, colors, and level of transparency as well as their individual speeds are all randomized, giving every page load a unique feel.

jQuery Mouse Sprite Effect

How to use it jQuery plugin?

  1. Download project files
  2. Upload jQuery Script onto your FTP in you js folder
  3. Copy and paste the CSS noted to your CSS document
  4. Add ‘bgFXcontainer’ class to the container you want to generate sprites into
  5. Add ‘<div class=”bgkFXcenter”><div class=”backgroundEffects”></div></div>’ to the bottom of the content within your div containing the class ‘bgFXcontainer’.

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