jQuery Custom Drop-down CheckBox

In the article, we will share one jQuery plugin that you can custom drop-down checkbox, which supports grouping, multiple selection, and search.

jQuery Custom Style Drop-down Box

It not only allows you to customize the browser’s select drop-down box style, but also supports grouping, multi-selection and search of drop-down options, and you can set the maximum number of choices.

If the number exceeds the predefined width of select, it will automatically display the quantity information, and hiding the value of a specific option.

You can see the main code as following:

<select class="demo" multiple="multiple">
    <optgroup label="Languages">
        <option value="cp">C++</option>
        <option value="cs">C#</option>
        <option value="oc">Object C</option>
        <option value="c">C</option>
    <optgroup label="Scripts">
        <option value="js">JavaScript</option>
        <option value="php">PHP</option>
        <option value="asp">ASP</option>
        <option value="jsp">JSP</option>

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