If you are also an Avast user, in some cases you might have a need to make avast firewall settings, such as to disable Avast firewall or turn on the firewall. In this article, we will show you how to disable the avast firewall.

Although a firewall is a very important feature of Avast that can prevent you from being attacked by hackers. However, in some cases, you may need to turn it off or pause it for some reason. Such as, when the firewall is blocking access to certain applications that you trust.

If you’re using Avast, it definitely recommends not using Windows Firewall on Avast Firewall.

How to disable Avast firewall?

You might have known that the firewall is only part of Avast’s top products, not included in the free edition of Avast.

To turn off the avast firewall is easy, but we recommend only doing this if your computer is not connected to the Internet, then your computer can stay away from potential hackers.

In the case that the firewall blocks the programs or websites you trust, it’s better to use Avast Exceptions or White-list to solve the problem.

Usually, there are two ways to disable the firewall:

  • To disable all Avast shield
  • Turn off only the firewall components.

The following content covers the first solution, we will show you how to turn off avast firewall.

Step1. Open the Avast, enter the Firewall panel

Double-click the orange Avast icon in the Windows desktop to enter the Avast panel. Or, Windows Start –> Programs–> Avast.

In the Firewall panel, you should see the Firewall status is ON. Clicking on “Activity” will open the next page.

Another way, go to Tools then enter the Firewall panel.

Step2. Disable Avast Firewall

As you see, the firewall state is ON, click the ON button to change it to OFF. Then, a dialog box appears, asking for sure how long do you want to turn Firewall off?

how to disable avast firewall

Click the time option you want to disable the firewall. Then click Yes on the coming confirmation dialog box.

Btw, you can change avast firewall settings in this way: Settings –> Components –> Firewall, in the firewall panel, click the switcher button to change the status from on to off.

By here, if you followed all the guidelines, the Avast status should have changed OFF with a yellow warning message “Firewall is turned off”.

how to disable avast firewall

If you want to turn on the Avast firewall again, simply click the following “Turn ON” button, or follow the same steps as closing it.

In the cast that you want to disable the firewall permanently, you can remove it from the status tips by clicking the “IGNORE” button. This way, even if the firewall is still disabled, your Avast will turn “green” again without warning.

The end

The above is a solution on how to disable avast firewall. By the way, turning off the Avast firewall is easy, but it may put your computer at risk.

So, we recommend keeping the firewall on unless the cases you need to disable it temporarily.


  • Open the Avast and go to Protection panel –> Firewall
  • Switch it to OFF and choose how long to disable
  • A dialog box appears, click Yes to confirm