This is a guide to solve the issues referred to gsvr.exe. Thought this guide, you will learn how to solve most errors of gsvr.

You may know that the software application starts its process to perform jobs on a computer. However, you may find some methods that are not related to the software you manually installed. And its are also not related to the original Windows processes, such as ctf loader, superfetch. It happened to Gsvr sometime too. Which will bring uncertainty to the technical staff when figuring out the reasons.

What is gsvr (gsvr.exe) and how to disable it

What’s GSVR (gsvr.exe)?

GSvr.exe is an executable file (program) in the Windows operating system. (As you see, the file extension is .exe, which means it is executable. Be sure to run those executable files that you trust, because executable files are potentially risky. They can also change your computer settings and harm your computer. )

GSvr.exe is a supporting application for energy-saving advanced applications and can be used as a helper on your computer. It is used as a dynamic energy saver application to make the power saver more powerful and compact.

As mentioned above, the gsvr.exe is an executable file, it contains machine code. When the gsvr.exe program running on your computer, the commands contained in gsvr.exe will be executed on your computer. For this, the file needs to be loaded into RAM and runs as a user process.

Is gsvr.exe harmful to computer?

The gsvr.exe has not been assigned a security level. The gsvr.exe file should be located in the folder C: \ Program Files \ gigabyte \ gest. If it located in other folders, it may be a Trojan horse.

You can try the Avast antivirus software to scan the Trojan. The following is the personal free version Avast for free download.

Of course, some people may think it as a threat to the computer system, due to it usually uses a lot of CPU resource then makes the system perform slower than usual.

How to disable the process of gsvr?

You can check out the process of gsvr.exe in the Windows Task Manager. Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboards at the same time to open Windows Task Manager. Then you can see the usage of the resource of gsvr.exe.

If you want to disable gsvr.exe. Just select the gsvr.exe in Windows Task Manager, then click End process to disable it.

Many non-system processes that are running can be disabled or removed, for they are not involved in running your operating system. If you want to disable or remove gsvr.exe permanently, simply uninstall the application that uses it.

How to disable or remove it?

As we mentioned above, you can disable the gsvr.exe temporary.

You can also disable the service of gsvr.exe on Windows Task Manager to stop gsvr.exe permanently.

Another solution is to uninstall the main program from the system.

You can also use an external Software tool (ASR_G-Installer.exe) to remove it. Download the software by the following link, then install it to uninstall gsvr.exe

If you installed antivirus software such as Avast, Norton Antivirus, when the Gsvr.exe acts as a virus or slows down your computer, it can be removed from the system. May this article help you.