What is Gelbooru?

Gelbooru is currently one of the world’s largest animated images and secure image resources. It’s also a better alternative site for user-supported anime image source website Danbooru.

There are thousands of pictures you like on Gelbooru, and there are hardly any of them on Danbooru.

The key point is all images are free. You can free view online and free download these anime images from Gelboru.

That’s why the Gelbooru animated website is so popular.

Here, we will share some methods to view the image on Gelbooru more smooth, or how to endless scroll to view images.

The advantages

Compared to other free image websites, I think the Gelbooru animated images website has the following advantages:

  • Largest and safe image resource available.
  • It’s a huge online free resource.
  • The website with less maintenance downtime and lag.
  • A full-access account

Endless scroll image viewer scripts

GelbooruEnhancement is a useful image viewer and endless scroll user scripts for Gelboru animated and various other boorus.

This image viewer plugin is open-sourced on Github, it developed by JavaScript.

The GelbooruEnhancement image viewer support browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

You can down the GelbooruEnhancement javascript to use it, the following is the plugin download link.

If have any issues with the image viewer, you can submit the issues to Github to find solutions.

How to download a large of images from Gelbooru?

A lot of image download software is available all over the world. However, if you want to download thousands of images from the animated image Gelbooru website, I would recommend a strong downloader for you.

This very customizable imageboard downloader with a powerful file naming features image downloader named imgbrd-grabber.

Thanks to the powerful naming feature of the downloader, you just need to set the file name and save the directory with all available tags.

And the program will use the information of the image to generate the file name.

Then, you can store and manage pictures in an advanced directory structure and save pictures with custom file names.

Supported platforms

Functions and Features

  • Download thousands of images at once
  • Download a single image using its MD5 or ID
  • Image from command-line interface
  • Tags can perform multiple searches simultaneously
  • Ability to display results from multiple imageboards simultaneously in a single tab
  • Remove duplicate results from multiple imageboard search
  • Autocomplete labels in search fields
  • Blacklist tags to mark or hide images you don’t want to see
  • Proxy support
  • Post-filtering (when limiting image plate search)
  • Automatically download images when searching based on the whitelist
  • There are many options to customize the behavior of the program
  • Save images using a custom format
  • Rename already downloaded images

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