Google has updated Google Chrome 78 browser for a few days, the new Chrome 78 with many new features. I have shared how to disable the Tab Hover Cards in Chrome 78. In this article, I will show how to enable Force Dark Mode for Web Contents on Chrome 78.

The built-in force all sites to open dark reading mode feature, which can turn various websites into a dark interface, and each web page article will be read in black and white.

In the previous version of Chrome 74, with one built-in features that if the Windows or Mac operating systems were set to dark. Chrome’s browser interface would also be automatically set to dark. 

However, this is limited to the browser interface, the website and the web page itself will not change. Of course, there are a lot of plug-ins in Chrome that can force the webpage to turn into a dark reading mode.

In this newer Chrome, it is the built-in settings of Chrome 78, which can help us to unify the conversion. The method to enable Force Dark Mode for Web Contents on Chrome 78 as following.

First update to Chrome 78, then open the “ chrome://flags/ ” settings page.

In the experiment function, find ” Force Dark Mode for Web Contents ” and switch it to “Enable“.

Following the hint to restart the browser, then you will see the dark content pages.

As you saw, some online websites with white interfaces will also become dark interfaces, such as Evernote, W3cgeek, Google Cloud Drive. It also happened to web article pages, the articles are automatically converted from white into dark color.

It might cause Chrome using too much memory problems. But I believe that enables this small feature will not result in google chrome ran out of memory.

Enjoy it!