How to Disable Tab Hover Cards in Chrome 78 ?

Yesterday, Google released Chrome 78.0.3904.70 for Windows, MAC, and Linux, which marks the arrival of a stable version 78. However, it brings a new problem to Chrome users, that is how to disable tab hover cards in Chrome 78.

The official blog describing the new features and improvements has not yet been released, but it is possible to summarize the status of the new release with a list of changes from previous Beta releases and corresponding development releases.

Google Chrome 78 stable release

This release includes new features such as the CSS properties and values API, the local file system API, and the new Origin.

The CSS Properties and values API lets developers register variables as full custom properties, which ensures that they are always of a specific type, and can set default values or even animate them.

The new local file system API allows developers to build Web applications that interact with files on a user’s local device, including ides, photo and video editors, and text editor.

After the user grants access, the API allows the Web application to call the platform’s own open and save dialog box to save changes directly to files and folders.

However, this update also brings unaccustomed features. Such as Chrome’s tab hover cards feature.

If you updated to Google Chrome 78, when you hover the mouse over a tab you’ll now notice a card displaying tab title and domain name.

The old Chrome version used to show a tooltip only on the mouse hover over. These are called “tab hover cards” introduced by Google in Chrome 78.

If you also don’t like the new tab hover cards feature or don’t want to see google chrome ran out of memory, you can disable them as the following method.

How to Disable Tab Hover Cards in Chrome 78?

1. Open Chrome. Visit Chrome://flags or Chrome://flags/#tab-hover-cards

How to Disable Tab Hover Cards in Chrome 78?

2. Search for Tab hover, in the highlighted search results, for Tab Hover cards

3. Select “Disabled ” then to Relaunch the Chrome browser.

Now you have disabled the Tab Hover Cards in Chrome 78.

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