A few days ago, we have introduced what is Gelbooru and how to download thousands of images from it. Now, we will introduce What is Danbooru, then show how to download a large number of pictures in batches from Danbooru.

What is Danbooru?

Just like the Gelbooru, Danbooru is also a large animated image database with more than 3.7 million anime images and more than 110 million tags.

There so many images on this website, which can be used for machine learning purposes such as image recognition and generation.

What is Danbooru

Deep learning for computer revision relies on large annotated data sets. Classification thanks to the creation of ImageNet, which categorizes 1 million photos into 1,000 categories.

But classification is a rough description of the image, which limits the application of the classifier. And there is no comparable large image data set with many tags or labels that will allow learning and detection of richer information.

Ideally, such a dataset should be> 1m images, each image has at least 10 descriptive tags and can be publicly distributed to all interested researchers, hobbyists, and organizations.

There are currently no such public datasets, such as ImageNet, Birds, Flowers, and MS COCO, which do not meet the requirements in terms of image or tag counting or distribution restrictions.

I recommend using “image -boorus”. Image Bulletin is a long-standing web database that hosts a large number of images that can be “tagged” or tagged with any number of text descriptions.

They are developed for anime fans and are most popular among anime fans, they provide Detailed notes.

Of course, most friends just like to enjoy these pretty images.

Although, the amount of anime images on Danbooru is less than Gelbooru, it still with its attractions to most people.

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How to quickly download a large number of anime images from it?

Understandably, many anime fans want to know how to quickly download a large number of anime images from booru?

In fact, there are a lot of download tools that can be used to download anime images from Danbooru or Gelbooru. But a good download tool can improve the effectiveness of downloading.

Here, editors of W3Cgeek would want to recommend the image downloader: imgbrd-grabber. To some extent, the imgbrd-grabber is designed for downloading images from booru websites.

The image downloader imgbrd-grabber support Windows, Mac, Linux platforms, and many advanced functions and features.

Download imgbrd-grabber image downloader and check out how to use it to quickly download a large of images from booru websites: