Like other operating systems, Windows 10 runs countless processes and applications. And the CTF loader is one of the Windows 10 background processes that often appears every time you check the Task Manager tool.

Sometimes, the CTF Loader (ctfmon.exe) program may cause some users to mistake it for malware or virus software.

So, the real question is that, is the CTF Loader a virus? What does it do? Should it be disabled?

In this article, we will introduce the detail information about CTF loader, and you will get the skills to fix the issues on CTF loader windows 10. Let’s dive into the detail of the CTF loader.

What is the CTF Loader?

The CTF (Collaborative Translation Framework) loader is an authentication service on Windows 10. The ctfmon.exe that is closely related to the ctfmon.exe. CTF can provide text support for user input applications such as speech recognition, keyboard translation.

In addition to initializing the alternate user text input processor, the ctfmon.exe can also be used to activate the language bar of Microsoft Office. This feature allows users to seamlessly switch between different input languages when the language bar loads.

You can go to the directory C:\Windows\System32, then you will see the  ctform.exe file.

So, in general, it’s better no to disable the ctfmon.exe service.

Is CTF Loader a virus?

Although the CTF service does run on .exe files, the ctfmon.exe is a legitimate Windows file and there is no evidence that it can associate it with any malware or spyware.

In other words, it’s a legal file. Don’t need to worry about it.

However, in order to camouflage virus software, the creator of the virus software application may name its malware the same name as a common .exe file.

In the case that if the antivirus software, such as the Avast antivirus tool, detects the ctfmon.exe is infected. Then you should figure out whether the ctfmon.exe is changed into a virus program.

The general issues related to CTF Loader

From the data reflected by Windows 10 users, the main CTF loader errors are the following:

The ctfmon.exe program crashes: Many people complain that the file itself failed (the ctfmon.exe encountered a problem. Sorry for the inconvenience). At the same time, it can cause other applications to stop running.

Slow computer response: Slow down your PC due to high RAM usage. You may interest in what is aswbidsagent service?

The reasons for issues

It is possible that the CTF loader is not working properly due to hidden malware.

Another cause of ctfmon.exe problems is an error in the input language pack.

How to disable the CTF loader on Windows?

If you find that ctfmon.exe is harming the performance of your system, or think it is a virus program, then you can disable this program.

You can try the following two methods to disable it.

Method 1:Disable ctfmon.exe in Windows

  • First, press the Windows + R keyboards to open the Run window.
  • Input services.msc and click OK button.
  • Find the touch keyboard, handwriting panel service, then right-click on it.
  • Click Properties and select Disable for startup type
  • Click Stop, and then click OK.

Now, you have kept the ctfmon.exe disabled permanent.

Method 2: Delete the ctfmon.exe file

Sometimes, if you can’t disable it in the task manager, you can manually delete the ctfmon.exe file. But it’s better to delete by the following steps.

However, you should know that: If you want the system to work natural, please avoid using this method. As it will permanently delete ctfmon.exe from your system and will affect the operation of some MS software.

Locat to the C: \ Windows \ System32 or system32 directory. Then, you will see the ctform.exe file.

Find the file ctform.exe and delete it manually, the related data will also be deleted.

The end

That’s the primary method to solve the issues about CTF loader windows 10. It’s recommended to solve the related issues by the first method. I hope this share on w3ecgeek can help to solve your issues.