Cisco Webex Meetings is an online meeting product developed by Cisco that allows you to virtually meet online with others without leaving your home or office.

Cisco Webex Meetings Overview

In other words, WebEx Meetings is a set of tools for personal and corporate collaboration. It is commonly used to connect with others over the internet and allows you to communicate with audio, video, file sharing, text chat, whiteboards, and other features.

#1 Market share

Cisco Webex Meetings is the most scalable solution for collaboration within and between companies. WebEx Meetings continues to leverage its technology leadership, with 53% of the global web conferencing market,95% of Fortune 500 businesses use Webex.

With Webex remote meetings, all you need is a computer with Internet access and a separate phone line. Webex login to the meeting over the Internet and you will be able to see the presenter’s computer screen.

By dialing the conference phone number, you will be able to hear the presenter and other participants

When do I need to use WebEx Meetings?

  • Record or capture classroom lectures and facilitate student discussion of distance education
  • Hold and participate in online meetings, collaborate on team projects, and share documents
  • To watch and participate in presentations, communicate with presenters, and collaborate with remote participants

Tips to use Webex Meetings

  • Schedule half an hour ahead of the actual start time, and end 1 hour before the expected time. In this way, people will not be cut off in the middle sentence.
  • Pay attention to the time zone of the participants
  • Wired internet is usually faster than wireless internet
  • Meeting events added to your calendar with reminders
  • Don’t book too early in case people forget the meeting
  • If other equipment is needed, such as a webcam or speaker, make sure it is ready and tested.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer before the meeting.
  • Install Cisco Webex extension.

How to install the Cisco Webex extension?

Here is a guide to install the Cisco Webex extension, download it from the official website.

Cisco Webex pricing 2020

How much does the Cisco Webex pricing?

A piece of good news is that the price of Cisco WebEx has dropped from $ 89 / user to $ 29 in the past year.

There’re a few packages for choosing, and you can pay annually or monthly. The following is Webex pricing, you can see the more exactly Webex pricing on the official website.

Cisco Webex pricing 2020