Recently, I updated my windows system, and also updated Avast software. However, when I restart my windows 10 system and try to run the Avast application, there’s an avast UI failed to load error with it.

The error message shows that “UI failed to load. This is really embarrassing. AV Service is not responding“.

Avast UI failed to load error AV Service is not responding

The following content will show how I fix the UI failed to load Avast error on Windows.

In the past years, I had always use Avast on my PC, because Avast is one free and awesome antivirus software for PC, it can protect our operating system from malicious malware and spyware.

When I updated the antivirus software and reboot windows system, then an error message “UI Failed to load” occurs.

As the error shows, it’s a really embarrassing situation. Luckily, I found the effective method to solve the UI failed to load avast error on Windows, instead of reinstalling the Avast software again.

How to fix the “Avast UI failed to load. AV Service is not responding” error?

Set the service of Avast run Automatic

This solution is to set the service of Avast run Automatic. The steps as follow.

1. First, open the run dialog box and input services.msc command then press Enter keyboard.

2. On the Services Console, find the ‘Remote Desktop Services’ item.

3. Then double click and set its Startup Type to Automatic.

set its Startup Type to Automatic

4. To ensure ‘the remote desktop service’ is running, need to click the start button.

Now, restart the windows system and launch the Avast software, you will notice the UI failed to load avast error has gone.

I had used the method to solve the error about Avast antivirus software, I wish this way can help you too.

Repair the Avast

Another method to solve avast UI failed to load windows 10 error.

If you restart your system, Avast still with the UI failed to load avast error, try to follow the below steps will fix the issue.

1. First, open up the Control Panel, look for Programs and Features. Control Panel > Settings > Programs >  Programs and Features

2. Choose the Avast and click on the ‘Uninstall/Change’ button.

3. Click Change and select the ‘Repair’ option to repair the Avast.

4. Now, wait for Avast to finish making the necessary changes.

5. When it’s done, restart the operating system to check whether the error occurs again.

If the second method can’t solve your problem, it’s time to consider reinstalling the Avast software. Or contact the official support to look for professional help.