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What is the Acolyte in DnD 5e?

I bet you must know what acolyte 5e in dnd backgrounds. So, if you don’t know what’s the Acolyte, google the basic concept of it.

In fact, the dnd acolyte is junior members of the clergy, and the data of this d&d 5e acolyte are usually responsible to the pastor.

Therefore, according to the profession of acolytes, they usually perform various functions in the temple, and the gods give them smaller spells to cast spells, ability.

The acolyte 5e also has a faithful dnd shelter, and you can enjoy many benefits from this function, learn more about it in the following context.

About Acolyte

You have been serving a specific god or the pantheon throughout your life. It also acts as an intermediary between the holy world and the mortal world, performing sacred rituals and offering sacrifices to guide believers into the existence of God.

You are not necessarily a clergyman, it is not the same thing to perform a sacred ritual and to spread the divine power.

Choose a god, the Pantheon or some other quasi-god, then detail your nature of the religious ritual with your DM.

The “God of the Multiverse” section contains an example of the Pantheon, from the “Forgotten Fields” setting. Are you a secondary person who has been working in the temple since childhood to assist the priest in the sacred ceremony? Or are you a high priest and suddenly met a phone that serves your god in different ways?

Perhaps you are the leader of a small cult organization outside any established temple structure. Then even the leader of the mysterious organization that serves the devil master you now deny.

Most likely, in the Forgotten Realm setting, the gods of the multi-cosmic part usually contain a single sample of the Pantheon.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Religion
  • Languages: Two of your choice
  • Equipment: A holy symbol, a prayer book or prayer wheel, vestments, 5 sticks of incense, some ordinary clothes and a pouch with 15 gp.

Even if you are the leader of a small cult, and the cult is not within any established temple structure or a mysterious group. It has served as the devil master you now deny.

The main feature: Shelter of the Faithful

As one acolyte, you can win the respect of others with common beliefs and hold religious rituals of the gods.

Although you must provide any material ingredients needed for the spell. While you and your adventure partner will expect free rehabilitation and care in the temple, the temple, or other fixed areas of your faith. Those who have religious beliefs will support you with a modest lifestyle.

You may also be associated with a specific temple dedicated to the chosen god of the Pantheon, and there is a place to live there. If you have a good relationship with the temple, then this may be the temple you used to work for, or it may be the temple where you found your new home.

When you are near your temple, you can ask the priest for help. As long as the help you are looking for is not dangerous and you have a good reputation with the temple.

Recommended characteristics

The formation of the acolyte background 5e depends on their experience in temples or other religious groups.

And their research on the history and creed of faith and their relationship to temples, shrines, or hierarchies will affect their manners and ideals.

Then their shortcomings may be hidden hypocrisy or heresy, or bring ideals or restraints to the extreme.

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The Attributes Of Acolyte 5e In DnD

One acolyte 5e in dnd has medium humanoid-like any race and any alignment. And it has armor class, hit points, speed, skills, senses, languages, and challenges like all other backgrounds 5e. Such as far traveler 5e and outlander 5e.

Check it out from the below illustration.

AC: 10

Speed: 30 ft

Senses: passive Perception 10

Challenge: 1/4 (50 XP)

Skills: Medicine +4, Religion +2

HP: 9

Languages: Any One Language

Acolyte 5e Background In DnD


Club: Melee Weapon Attack: +2 to hit, reach 5ft., one target. Hit: (1d4) bludgeoning damage

STR; 10 (+0) DEX; 10 (+0) CON; 10 (+0) INT; 10 (+0) WIS; 14 (+2) CHA; 11(+0)

The bottom line

According to all other official 5e backgrounds of dnd, the acolyte 5e is one of the best dnd backgrounds.

Then, you have read the most information about acolyte background 5e, we hope that you have got all the useful information you want.

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