If you are also one developer, you should know the powerful Google Chrome. However, do you know how many Useful Google Chrome Extensions?

Here, we will share 10 very Useful Google Chrome Extensions that every developer should use.

1. Wappalyzer

This Wappalyzer Google Chrome Extension can analyze the technology stack of a website.

2. ColorZilla

Using ColorZilla, it’s easier to get the color of other websites.

3. Code Cola

With the Code Cola Chrome extension, you can check full CSS of selected sections or elements when you edit the CSS online.

4. Session Buddy

For a website where we have multiple logins, it becomes cumbersome to get persistent authentication access to different accounts every time we log out and log in or use another browser at the same time.

We can use this Session Buddy Chrome extension to overcome this problem.

5.  Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

As a developer, sometimes we have to provide proof to our testers or customers that it is working or is working and collect evidence to make sure we do have this killer.

Then, the Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder can help us to do that.

6. Web Developer

This marvelous Google Chrome extension, almost every developer who used it will love it.

7. Octotree

The Octotree is an extension that brings the GitHub experience to a higher level.

8. JSON Viewer

The most beautiful, customizable JSON / JSONP highlighter you’ve ever seen.

9. Talend API Tester

For most of my time, I only talk to one person who is my server and he only talks to me through the API. To help talk to my server, I hired this chrome postman.

10. Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Chrome extension is one of the best tools provided by the Google team to audit your site’s performance, errors…