Xcode asking username & password everytime I compile to device

I use an admin account for the development. But every time I compile to a device Xcode is asking for admin username & password. I googled the issue. But none of the solutions worked. I tried the workarounds from this post, but it didn’t work

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I also tried disabling and enabling the DevSecurityTools but it didn’t work. I am using Xcode 4.3.1 installed on Mac OSX Lion 10.7.3.

Is there any way to fix this?

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For solution go to Keychain Access, and in the top left navigation, move your Developer certificate from “System” to “Login”.

Actually problem is Developer certificate is under “System”, and it is locked every-time, so it will require a password to unlock, whereas when certificate is in “Login” section it will resolve that.

Is the /Developers directory from the old Xcode still on the drive? I just had a user with this issue that was also experiencing build fails with code that other users were able to build successfully. Some of the file associations cause the new Xcode (moved to the /Applications folder) to reference components in the old /Developers folder. Once we removed the folder and emptied the trash, everything worked as expected.

In keychain remove your development and distribution certificates from System and place them under Login. It will ask once and you have to select Always allow

That worked for me. Hope it works for you aswel.

After moving Developers certificate form “System” to “Login”. If it still asks for Username and password, you need to check your code signing. Go to the Build Setting and under code signing select the respected developer’s certificate. It works for me.

In Xcode 7.1, I didn’t find Login so I have given access to Xcode and codesign for the certificate key by following steps:

  1. Open Key Chain
  2. Go to Certificate under System
  3. Click on closure, right click on private key and select ‘Get Info’
  4. Click on ‘Access Control’ tab
  5. Add Xcode and coding under ‘Always allow access by these applications:

It solves my problem.