Why is there an Unnecessary Spacing between the logo and the division in my html page

I want to know how to remove that huge spacing between the logo and division

Here’s my HTML code:

<main class="site-main page-main">
    <center><img src="img/corelogo.png" alt="Post" height="180" width="180" style="position: relative; top: -210px;"></center>
    <div style="font-family: Questrial; font-size:40px;">Government Files Download</div><br>

Photo of site

CSS of site

In your css you are using properties for image to place it on the top this space is due to setting the top property in minus

position: relative;
top: -210px;

You want to place the logo at the top in the navigation bar so you should set this property to navigation

position: relative;

and for logo use this property

position: absolute;

then set the top and left properties which want to set and where yo want to adjust the logo