Why IAP always returns me "invalid identifiers"?

I am testing a IAP process. But I always got an invalid identifiers. I have tried:

  • configed my test app’s IAP items
  • downloaded provisioningProfile
  • open the In app Purchase in Capabilities
  • use a test sandbox account

but still , I only got invalid identifiers. Here is some infomations:

I noticed that the status of my IAP items are “waiting for review” , is that the reason? i am not sure. Because at first , I did not upload any ipa file to iTunes , But I searched the problem of got invalid identifiers , someone says must upload a binary file to the iTunes first , so I upload an app to iTunes . but still I got invalid identifiers only.

and I don’t understand , is that mean’s I can’t test my IAP function before my app is upload in APP-Store officially? is there any way to only test how IAP works, but not upload a real app ?

can some one help me?