Why does chrome sometimes fail to redraw the page when I expand the browser window?

I’m currently working on a responsive design site prototype. So far so good, but for one really strange thing which I can only seem to reproduce in Chrome. When expanding the window, sometimes the browser seems to get trapped between states, showing duplicate elements, and two scrollbars – that is, until I click somewhere outside of the browser window, then everything gets redrawn and looks just fine. Screenshot:

Why does chrome sometimes fail to redraw the page when I expand the browser window?

I’ve tried a plethora of “tricks” to get chrome to “re-jig” the interface programmatically, such as changing the padding of the body element, modifying the scrollY position, and about 10 or so others, but nothing seems to do the trick. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice?

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I dont think the problem is with your responsive site prototype. The problem is your chrome browser, have you tried to reset it. Below are the steps

1.Click the Hotdog Icon in the upper right corner
2.Select ‘Settings’
3.Click ‘Show advanced settings’
4.Find the section titled: ‘Reset browser settings‘
5.Click ‘Reset browser settings’
6.In the window prompt that appears click ‘Reset’

See if that will work for you

Try adding this just after <head> tag

<meta name="viewport"
content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=no">    

I had the same problem using cordova (hybrid html5/css3 mobile platform), when rotating the device the internal browser did not refresh correctly. I had a div containing everything with a fixed position. After some tries, I used style width/height: 100% and when rotating the browser refreshed correctly.

I second the suggestion to check plugins installed in case there’s a conflict. Looking on Google’s forums, the issue has arisen before and was scheduled for a bugfix. Noticed while reading there that they also removed the support for browser window resizing via javascript :/

I’m guessing you have a retina display Mac and another external display connected? I see this sometimes on my setup and have tentatively narrowed it down to this situation. When using just the native screen I never see it and not in all screen configurations either.

Try and see if it happens when you use only the built in screen. If that works try switching which screen is the main screen or switch to another external screen altogether.

Sorry for the no fix, but maybe it will get you closer to a solution in your setup at least.

As I can’t test the issue I assume that you maybe can solve it by forcing the elements to be rendered by the GPU. You can achieve that by defining a 3D property on the elements that don’t render correctly. E.g.:

-webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0);

But be aware that applying GPU rendering can cause severe performance issues and possible crashes if you use it excessively.

This may be causing because of slower internet sometimes or over process riding in your OS. Try restarting System and browser.

This looks like a bug in Chrome.

I searched Chromium bugs and found a few that are similar:

But actually none of them seems to describe your problem exactly. If you think so too, you can report your bug here.

Note that this might be as well an issue related to your old Mac OS version or even the graphics card.