What are you teaching as a teacher?

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With everyone on the service experience of the higher requirements and we often hear about “the heart” or “heart” evaluation. My own industry is the service industry, I need to experience a lot of quality service to enhance their field service level, I can say that now for something that is really the heart of zero tolerance.

I had two classes at the new gym in the evening. Section 1 yoga, second modern dances. Yoga class teacher is actually a boy ah, has never insisted on yoga class, mainly feel that there are few, I think the good teaching. This year, writing more, spine some problems, think or should be corrected. I didn’t expect to meet the male teacher for the first time, but some little heart looked forward eagerly.

The teacher speak my heart thought, the people of southern accent is more serious. The teacher didn’t play music until he sat down for class, and even though the glass was outside, he could hear the noise of the outside men. Come directly to do a variety of actions, an action and an action, it raised his hands in the air on the state of “order” — well, now we put it down into the next exercise. I saw him put his hands on both sides of the body at the speed that he could not perceive, and the trainees followed.

Oh, my God, two years of yoga class, how these teachers are still the same. Jihouhou to complete a practice!

Although I felt some slight contempt inside, I tried to concentrate on my own rhythm, breathing, adjusting the discomfort, and trying to make a little slower between each movement. Then continue to listen to the teacher’s guidance.

He would often come down and see what the trainees did. Like me, he was so stiff that he got two times to come and correct the action himself, and ask no question – is this range OK? But adjusted me according to his feelings.

Finally until the last relaxation and rest link, still no music, the teacher led the relaxation guidance is still fast, the middle blank time is very few. If this down to 50 minutes of course, I have what happiness, it is from its connection to the body after careful and ache to relax feedback to me, if I have what uncomfortable, all from this wonderful yoga really ah.

I really want to ask you, as a teacher, what are you teaching?

So what yoga is broad and profound, because the threshold is too low, they did not practice a few years when the coach class is There are plenty of people who, to teach students to do a standard style. Asanas can really bring pleasure to the body, but higher levels of spiritual joy, yoga’s internal and external unity, physical and mental connection, awareness and compassion for themselves are not what most Yoga coaches can do. I’m afraid they haven’t felt it themselves. And yoga teacher should be different from the physical education teacher, not just in the body behind the concept of the essence of communication and spiritual enlightenment?

The beginning of the rise of each industry, there will be a batch of slag, so so many strict sense and not qualified yoga teacher is also a normal phenomenon. But the dance class, really should not be.

I went into the dance room, and the teacher arrived 15 minutes late for the scheduled time. No apology, straight back to us, start warming up action. The coat is actually a little short and fat. Really can not blame us, the first reaction is to see the teacher’s figure, who called her to bring dance?.

But there are many teachers who are not good enough to dance well, so I still have to be patient. The reason why she needs patience is that after warming up, she begins to act with an expressionless face, and carefully and carefully teaches every action. The time has passed for half an hour, and in the mirror I see several students walking behind me, and the rest of them are four.

I was impatient, thinking began to wander, the action was often reversed, the teacher still looked at himself in the mirror, and did not correct anyone. In this way, the dead must be learned!! Will kill my love for dance!

So someone finally said to take a break, and I took the opportunity to slip away.

When you’re ready to leave the gym, you still have to give feedback to the staff – the dance teacher you’re asking for is too serious, but I’m not going to dance for the exam, it’s for relaxation and fun. I only feel her teaching seriously, did not realize the dance brings her dynamic and happy mood, other students also walked a lot, or suggest you change…… By the way, the last Ba dance teacher is very good, she has been facing the students, dancing, beaming, dynamic! We didn’t feel embarrassed when we did something wrong, and we felt very happy just to wake up with her.

The teacher mentioned Zumba, also said: Oh, Zumba teacher, the students are very love her, her class is full!

What are you teaching as a teacher?

Isn’t that what it should be? If you are to teach students the knowledge to deal with serious serious examination, no joke can be, but in the service industry, especially like the gym, and community some lessons, besides teaching knowledge, we should pay more attention to experience.

Luhan micro-blog confession event so many people reflect on this is the death of an entertainment era, we focused on these entertainment news. Excessive entertainment is a superficial and backward, but as a service industry, let the audience happy, can go over the audience needs, to truly infected them and not even do things carelessly is actually a dead-alive person follow the prescribed order, the increasingly high demands of society, to want in the new challenges of industry and occupation broke people face!

Encourage and encourage each other!

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