Web app front-end strange behavior

I wrote an web app (NetBeans as IDE) using spring boot. On the front-end I used angular and I installed my dependencies using bower and node. I pushed the project on gitlab.
My colleagues cloned the project and we saw that the front-end was quite different. The accordion (v-accordion for angularjs) cannot be expanded due to a css problem (the style is different) which I don’t have when running on localhost on my pc. There is one more problem but of the same kind so doesn’t matter.

The problem comes from the build. It is not a browser problem, because if my colleagues run my jar everything works just fine. I am sure NetBeans adds something when I build the project but I don’t know what and why does it affect my front-end. All the components I installed using bower were included in bower.json. At build time it automatically executes bower install && node install due to pom. Any suggestions?

Thank you.