We used 2 months to prepare the “iOS growth path,” I hope you will not abandon

We used 2 months to prepare the

We want to make a little effort

IOS introductory information on the Internet can be described as flooding. If you have a computer foundation, want to quickly learn iOS, do a few interface is very easy to do. However, after the mobile entrepreneurial boom receded, the ability of the iOS developer requirements are also getting higher and higher. When a developer has started, want to become a better iOS developer, you will find that the Internet is too trivial, and the quality of information is also difficult to distinguish. I often wonder how I can improve myself.

So I (@ no story of Zhuo Tongxue) for so long, @ Yin frost, @Onetaway to try to make a little effort, we four people for two months, for such a book, Article 8, PDF about 100 pages. This book is like Einstein’s first slightly clumsy stool, there are a lot of dissatisfaction. Just like the first step of the child, in the process of getting good also need everyone’s help and feedback, hope to get your support. I hope this book can be a small ripple, a little positive meaning.

We start from the perspective of a senior engineer to find out that we believe that high quality, to improve the technical level of iOS developers help articles included. This book is not a system of learning tutorials, but a vision of pioneering advanced supplementary books, so that readers can contact to work is not used to things, open your door to interest, enhance your curiosity, this is our intention.

We hope these articles can help you on your way to iOS growth.

Most of the income of this book will take the form of royalties paid to the original author of these articles. Hope to be able to form a positive cycle, so that more excellent articles can appear.


  • The father of the Swift Chris Lattner interview (on) author: @ so long Yin, Amazon iOS engineer, worked at Uber blog: http://www.jianshu.com/u/8d5b91490ca5
  • HTTP 2 of those things Author: MrPeak, public number: MrPeakTech, worked in Alibaba
  • Auto Layout:Snapkit source analysis of the author: @ no story Zhuo students, Lilac Garden iOS engineer blog: http://www.jianshu.com/u/88a056103c02
  • Write on the server Swift is a kind of what kind of experience the author: Zheng Yuqi (Enum), at China Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology Research Institute, micro-blog: @ Lala is pulling technology otaku blog: http://enumsblog.com
  • Author: Fastlane exercises @ a wisp of shame flow half hidden frost, worked for peace pay, micro-blog @halfrost blog: http://www.jianshu.com/u/12201cdd5d7a
  • Fastlane Author: @Onetaway NGS, the secret garden iOS engineer, worked in the runaway comic
  • The history of the CFArray principle and Realization of the author: melon, melon and full stack @ micro-blog: melon, Iqiyi iOS engineer blog: http://www.desgard.com
  • Load method to track the whole: wax gourd

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We used 2 months to prepare the

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