VR+ panoramic player + head control explain -01

VR+ panorama player + head control on the -01-
knowledge VR+ panorama player + head control on the -02-
VR+ to create a sphere panorama player + head control on the -03-
VR+ rendering video panorama player + head control on the -04-
VR+ panoramic sliding gestures player + head control on the -05- screen
VR+ telescopic panorama player + head control on -06- the head of
control to achieve VR+ panorama player + head control on the -07- split screen technology

Learning objectives

Write a panoramic +VR player


General vr+ panoramic player has several features

  • Panorama mode +VR common function
    gravity sliding gesture induction 3 aspect of restoration of
    4 play / pause on a
    under a sliding gesture 8 click gesture hidden function menu
    9 can play (do not play small chrysanthemum)
    10 voice plus / minus
    11 kneading gestures – Zoom picture
  • VR mode specific head control function of
    1 show / hide menu
    2 play / pause function
    plus a

    function of a function / 4 5 voice 3 reduction function

  • Extended function
    1 Video Filter

Implementation scheme selection

In recent years with the AR/VR becomes hot, the enterprise in order to give their products in adding new elements may be added to the 3D element application, for the IOS engineer, you have three choices OpenGL, ES / Metal/SceneKit, according to the performance of Metal ranked first, SceneKit performance is relatively less, but for the development of the difficulty, the difficulty of SceneKit minimum, because he is object oriented, for iOS developers, the cost of learning is the lowest.

Required knowledge

  1. Learn how to use AVPlayer objects
  2. Learn how to use CMMotionManager objects
  3. SCNNode usage (SceneKit framework)
  4. SCNScene usage (SceneKit framework)
  5. SCNGeometry usage (SceneKit framework)
  6. SCNCamera usage (SceneKit framework)
  7. UIGestureRecognizer
  8. CIFilter processing video filters (optional)

Grasp the above knowledge points to complete all the players demand

I will be divided into the following modules to explain

A. how to create a panoramic video rendering sphere
B. how to create a APlayer loaded video rendering to the sphere
C. how to achieve through gestures to adjust the image presented by the mobile position
F. to zoom picture attached to the head control part layout
g. how to achieve split screen display

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