Visual Studio refuses to forget breakpoints?

Visual Studio remembers breakpoints from previous debugging sessions, which is awesome.

However, when I’m debugging, and I clear one of these “old” breakpoints by clicking on it, it’s only temporarily deleted. What I mean is the next time I debug, the breakpoint that I thought I removed is back.

This is super annoying–is there a setting to make it not do this?

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go to Debug menu then Delete All Breakpoints Ctrl+Shift+F9

The problem is that child breakpoints of your breakpoints persist.
You could run the macro posted here, between debug session to remove child breakpoints, which will make removing breakpoints more effective—but it continues to be problematic and awkward.
A more surefire way of deleting a breakpoint is to manually look for it in the breakpoint window, and delete it from there.

  • Start your debug session with a minimal number of files open, as you debug the unwanted breakpoints will show up and the containing files will open in new tabs.
  • Terminate the debug session and open the breakpoints window (from the debug toolbar, for some reason it is not in the view menu).
  • For each file, enter the name of the file in the search area of the breakpoints window and press enter to filter out the breakpoints by file.
  • You can then click on each breakpoint in the window to see where they are located in the code and delete them if you want. A bit tedious but that the best way I found to get rid of those unwanted ghost breakpoints… Bookmarks and breakpoints management.. Those functions were probably last enhanced sometime during the last century…

Most breakpoints can be removed during debug-session, but some are stuck (probably a bug in Visual Studio).

It you want to remove only the breakpoint which is stuck, then use the “Breakpoints” windows found on the debug menu. There you will probably see that your breakpoint exist multiple times for the same row. Simply rightclick and delete it.

There are some answers here, but in my opinion proposed actions are distractive to use during debugging (I don’t want to lose my focus).

My flow with sticky breakpoints during breakpoints is as follows:

During debug, DISABLE the breakpoint instead of removing it.

Possible ways of disabling a breakpoint:

  • hover with cursor and click the two cycle icon;
  • or use context menu on it;
  • or keyboard short-cut CTRL+F9 (not Shift+CTRL+F9, as it clears all breakpoints).

Later on, during development, I remove a disabled breakpoint when I see one.

PS. It’s also a good practice to remove all breakpoints once in a while.

I was struggling to find the ‘BreakPoints Window’.So here’s the quick way to open it- ctrl+alt+B

Visual Studio refuses to forget breakpoints?

Or you can manually go to ‘Debug->Windows->Breakpoints’ to open it.

Visual Studio refuses to forget breakpoints?

Or you can hit ctrl+shift+F9 to delete all breakpoints at once!