“unadd” a file to svn before commit

I was in the middle of doing a recursive svn add/commit, and a folder which did not have the proper ignore properties was included. I’ve got about 100 uploaded binary files versioned now, but I haven’t committed yet.

What is the easiest way to ‘undo’ this, without deleting all the documents?

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I guess I was careless. I added a bunch of files to svn with svn add then I saw a few files added that I didn’t want so I deleted them with rm now I can’t commit anymore because the commit is missing

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Try svn revert filename for every file you don’t need and haven’t yet committed. Or alternatively do svn revert -R folder for the problematic folder and then re-do the operation with correct ignoring configuration.

Use svn revert –recursive folder_name

svn rm –keep-local folder_name

Note: In svn 1.5.4 svn rm deletes unversioned files even when –keep-local is specified. See http://svn.haxx.se/users/archive-2009-11/0058.shtml for more information.

For Files – svn revert filename

For Folders – svn revert -R folder

Full process (Unix svn package):

Check files are not in SVN:

> svn st -u folder 
? folder

Add all (including ignored files):

> svn add folder
A   folder
A   folder/file1.txt
A   folder/folder2
A   folder/folder2/file2.txt
A   folder/folderToIgnore
A   folder/folderToIgnore/fileToIgnore1.txt
A   fileToIgnore2.txt

Remove “Add” Flag to All * Ignore * files:

> cd folder

> svn revert --recursive folderToIgnore
Reverted 'folderToIgnore'
Reverted 'folderToIgnore/fileToIgnore1.txt'

> svn revert fileToIgnore2.txt
Reverted 'fileToIgnore2.txt'

Edit svn ignore on folder

svn propedit svn:ignore .

Add two singles lines with just the following:


Check which files will be upload and commit:

> cd ..

> svn st -u
A   folder
A   folder/file1.txt
A   folder/folder2
A   folder/folder2/file2.txt

> svn ci -m "Commit message here"