Unable to find resource ‘opensymphony:quartz-all:pom:1.6.3’ in repository central

I inherited this project which used to build & run successfully (years ago…). Now when checked out from version control, as is, it complains:

Unable to find resource ‘opensymphony:quartz-all:pom:1.6.3’ in repository central (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2)

But following that repository link (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2) leads to a browsable site that shows clearly that this resource is available: http://search.maven.org/#browse|1030701351 !

I have even been able to manually download it, and I can also find it in my local repo (C:/maven/repo/opensymphony/quartz-all/1.6.3/quartz-all-1.6.3).

So, my questions:

  1. Why is Maven complaining at all, if it is there?
  2. How did it get to my local repo, if Maven couldn’t find it?


Your local repository is NOT in C:/maven … it is in your users directory ~/.m2/repository

To debug what is really going on I would suggest to deactivate the ~/.m2/settings.xml (e.g. by renaming it) and do a clean build without any of the old artifacts and from a fresh local repository (just delete ~/.m2/repository)

That would tell you what is really missing.

If anything is missing that means it is not in the Centra Repository (http://search.maven.org). As a next step I would then install a repository manager in your network. I would recommend using Sonatype Nexus (open source, free book as documentation) and then add any other repositories or missing artifacts in there.