Twitcher – Quick-switch Accounts For The Twitter Web Version

If you are multiple accounts user on Twitter, then Twitcher is the great choice for you.

Twitcher adds quick-switch accounts for the Twitter web version, which provide the easiest way to switch your Twitter accounts fastly.

In fact, I’m a Twitter and Facebook user, but I prefer the Twitter design. At least, every time I open an application to swipe the homepage to see the information I need. Because Facebook updates the algorithm frequently and leads to that I can’t find what I want to see.


If you manage multiple Twitter accounts via Twitter, you’ll find that the “Switch Account” feature of your Twitter app is really handy.

You can quickly switch other accounts at any time with one click, which help you quickly manage different accounts on your phone without having to log out again then log in.

And also save more time, but this feature has not appeared in the web version on Twitter

Fortunately, you can use Chrome browser plug-in to reproduce this feature now.

Twitcher - Quick-switch Accounts For The Twitter Web Version

Twitcher is a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to add multiple accounts and quickly switch to other accounts with menu options.

The thing you need to do is just by installing the Quick Switch Account plugin in your browser, it can be installed with a single click. Then Twitcher will reduce the time you take to sign in again, it is really useful for managing multiple Twitter accounts!

According to the Twitcher website, Twitcher will not use any third-party services, all information will only be encrypted, stored on your local computer, synchronized with your browser, 100% safe and reliable.

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