Thirty days half past five non-stop exercise, what did I gain?

Before the summer vacation, I had an appointment with dad to get up at five every morning and start exercising at half past five.

It’s not difficult for Dad, except for the late winter and the rest of the season. But for me, it was a little difficult at first.

In the first few days, my dad calls me at least ten times a morning, once a minute, and it’s difficult for people who get up at half past six to get up for more than an hour. Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed, but I can’t open my eyes. It’s called a “sleepy”.

My dad was really upset, and he said to me, “you can’t hold on to this difficulty. Do you think your face is good?”

Well! It’s inspiring. Since then, it’s necessary to start at five every day. Of course, I sleep early at night and usually go to bed at ten.

Today is the thirtieth day of continuous exercise, so I would like to talk about, insist on thirty days of uninterrupted movement, what did I gain?

First of all, exercise can make people more mentally and mentally better, and you will find that if you don’t exercise for a long time, people will feel tired and become lazier.

Once people don’t like moving, they will form directional reaction, and feel nothing to move. But if you insist on a period of time to exercise, you will find that the whole people are relieved, like limbs are longer, and life will become more and more enthusiasm, love labour, I do not love the dishes before, do not love to wash clothes, is my mom, and now, all the things I have will take the initiative to do.

In fact, you know that exercise can cure depression, exercise is the oxidant of emotion, and regular aerobic exercise can release bad emotions.

Recently, I have a special hobby, that is, shout loudly, shout around the hillside and the woods, and don’t worry about people saying I’m sick. So going out in the morning and feeling the fresh air of nature is a good choice, and it will make you love life more.

Although this time I was doing an exercise without losing weight, the fact was, I was thinner. This month I normal diet, eventually lost six pounds, especially meat became more compact, unlike before soft. And the meat that you lose by exercising, you will find that it is not easy to grow back, in fact, although the diet is thin in the short term, but it is virtual, a meal can let you return the lost meat back. So, as long as you keep exercising and don’t overeat, it’s just natural to believe that losing weight. Know that your lifestyle will eventually react to your face and body.

For me, exercise gives me the greatest benefit is that exercise can complement the blood, promote blood circulation, improve physical quality, so I do not easily appear a blood flow to the brain embarrassing situation.

Secondly, exercise will produce a large amount of sweat, sweating can eliminate toxins in the body, dredge pores.

Through this month of exercise, as well as the previous exercise, I have very little blood shortage phenomenon. Better yet, the skin is more delicate than before.

My friends say I have a good will, getting up at five in the morning for them is impossible, in fact, may not impossible, only willing to do, when you’re forced to do not, then you have to bite the bullet and move forward.

In fact, we feel that things can not be completed, it is difficult to complete, because we are not the first step, as long as we are determined to do it again, you will find that if this thing is not so difficult, and will stick to it.