The days of night running

The days of night running
the days of night running

The scorching sun of July has entered the end point, and I take every three times frequency, also have been set at the beginning of the month 60 km target toward the end, 44.62 kilometers from the finish state only then run two times the distance.

Seven days a week, three days to ensure running, seemingly simple, but it is not an easy thing. Feeling tired do not want to run, is the heart all reluctant to check, this is a problem; only one run in the dark night, the sudden encounter a barking and feel fear, this is a problem; and often will cause the child to grandma after heart the sense of guilt is also a problem……

And finally, in the three days of the week, between going and not going, or breaking out of the inner barriers, to find the moment when the strong self.

Summer night, though the day is hot, but the moon seems to be scorching, and wrapped his heat will not allow you to easily break.

At first, as in the water throwing a pebble, along with the running figure, the heat was like waves going out swings in this heat, the seam in a squeeze, breathing is slowly stretch. Run after ten minutes of running way, getting better, at this time, through the quiet night, you can hear my own rhythm, the fast and powerful heartbeat!

When the footsteps became heavy after the half is the test of the heatwave as “demons” in a ferryman pour in, bite, pull you, pinch you tightly grabbed your breath at the same time, the heart also spawn thousands of demons, kept telling you: “stop, stop!” At this point, only seconds and seconds to adhere to and adhere to.

The start of the night run should be 2015. In 2015 of the 255 km plump, is the best witness. When it is running at random, no goal, lack of equipment, running a rest period, he is running for a long time, feeling powerless, it will simply stop, see the sparkling river, listening to the voice conversation……

Later, ready to buy good shoes, sportswear, began running with an air of importance is 2017, of course, the heart still think running is not an easy thing. Until May, the thirtieth session of the Dalian International Marathon on the whole, I used 1 hours 10 minutes to run ten kilometers, suddenly realized, in fact, my body already running the latent gene, and it happens to be activated.

My ten kilometer was like a coordinate, and it told me that every obstacle was set up in advance, and only courage and determination were needed to clear it up. Since then, running seems to have twisted the valve against it, and it has become less difficult.

“Man lives in a cage of his own.”. Heroes and revolutions, ideals, dreams, matter, lust, knowledge, concepts…… That’s all. Those who are deeply imprisoned will want to break through. But most of the time, they are comfortable fortresses and arrogant arrogance. This is prison, save yourself, there’s no other way. Our hearts into the world, and was imprisoned in the prison of self can’t do anything.” Today read a very occasional, as a runner, every one of us in life on the runway Road, opened the cage and clear the runway in disorder, can make running easier and more comfortable.

Tomorrow’s running plan is 50 minutes of uniform running, and running down shouldn’t be a problem. In the course of the run and run, running short, I will appear indecisive when I can do now is to open Haruki Murakami’s “I talk about when I talk about what”, to see how he Kauai, in Tokyo, Massachusetts, in Hokkaido, Athens, on the road in the summer around the world in Hawaii, in more than 20 years of career, running every ten kilometers.