Teach you to use SBPlayer MAC open source video player

Yesterday a relatively long time to do open source SBPlayer, this is my so far do the whole function of a Mac application, can be downloaded to the computer to run the source code, used as a local video player himself. In addition to do a relatively simple cocoapods assistant a lot, do not like to use the terminal cocoapods users very convenient. Earlier to do the Mac version of the imitation WeChat client, see the attention of many people, it will not put too much energy on the.

Source code –> https://github.com/shibiao/SBPlayerClient

  1. Why is it called SBPlayer: look there seems to be no ambiguity, what other special profound meaning, but his initials together, plus a player is connected to a English: SBPlayer.
  2. SBPlayer features: although it was almost 2, 3 years did not use a window computer, but to see the video in the university is often used in domestic window platform player, or let their impressive, perhaps with the habits, found that the use of the Mac platform player too easily, too many player uses Mac platform to download. Such as the storm, this year the new update to the latest version of storm experience fortunately, a version with was not used to storm the Windows version is too much difference. This version of the update also has a lot of defects, such as unable to enter the full screen, and now the full screen version of this version of the storm is not the real sense of the full screen, the size of the sound control seems to be a display. Storm video decoding is indeed very good, small size, full function, but the end of the MAC engineer does not seem to be able to fully implement its powerful features. Most of the other players seem to have been no update, the interface is very old, looking at no interest. So would like to do a similar to the window side of the MAC video player, a simple player. Due to the iOS end of the VLC common to test the streaming player, just VLC is a powerful open source project, the interface is too ugly, early this year began to use their free time VLC development based on SBPlayer, after half a month during the new year after year barren, continue to develop and test. That is, the SBPlayer inherits the VLC support for almost all video and audio formats. Use keyboard shortcuts and keyboard control, can very good operation SBPlayer playback, pause, acceleration, deceleration, a sound, a large / small forward / backward, 10 seconds to play, open the network connections, select the local file playback, playback.
  3. The SBPlayer shortcut key play / pause: key box: Command + s

    deceleration acceleration: Command + F
    forward 10 seconds: to the right key
    10 seconds back through the left key:
    sound: up arrow keys on the
    sound reduction: down and down arrow keys to open the network link: Command
    + n
    open a local file: Command + O
    a video: n

In addition, SBPlayer supports double-click the user interface to open the local file, the mouse can press the player can drag.
because there is no use of the latest touchBar computer around the small partner, so did not add touchBar control function.

SBPlayer on the details, please click on the previous: http://www.jianshu.com/p/1ad52c702190

Attached screenshot:

Teach you to use SBPlayer MAC open source video player
Teach you to use SBPlayer MAC open source video player
Source code –> https://github.com/shibiao/SBPlayerClient

If everyone in the use of what bug SBPlayer, welcome to GitHub on the issue, but also hope that friends like to add Star