Spatial filtering to image algorithm doesn't work

I’m trying to make spatial filtering algorithm by python with numpy.
The code below works as I predicted. But the output image is not what I want.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import scipy.misc as misc
import numpy as np

class Image:

    def __init__(self, img):
        self.img = img

    # convolute
    def convolution(self, h, w, kernel):
        height_length = int(kernel.shape[0]/2)
        width_length = int(kernel.shape[1]/2)

        target_area = self.img[h-height_length : h+height_length+1, w-width_length : w+width_length+1]
        r,g,b = target_area[...,0], target_area[...,1], target_area[...,2]
        return (np.sum(r*kernel), np.sum(g*kernel), np.sum(b*kernel))

    # stride
    def stride(self, kernel):
        height_length = int(kernel.shape[0]/2)
        width_length = int(kernel.shape[1]/2)
        new_img = []
        for h in range(height_length, self.img.shape[0]-height_length):
            columns = np.empty([0,3], float)
            for w in range(width_length, self.img.shape[1]-width_length):
                columns = np.vstack([columns, np.asarray([self.convolution(h,w,kernel)])])


        return np.asarray(new_img)

raccoon = misc.face()                
img = Image(raccoon)
test = img.stride(np.asarray([[1/9,1/9,1/9],[1/9,1/9,1/9],[1/9,1/9,1/9]]))

The code above shows the following image.

In my prediction, this average filtering kernel just makes the source image blur. But actually it makes just noise.
I just adjust convolution to R, G, B layers.
Is there any wrong point about code or my thinking?
I hope the solution. Thanks.