Sonar – Microsoft Open Source Free Website Analyze Tool

Sonar is Microsoft open source free website analyze tool, which can test site performance, security, interoperability and other four levels.

After the site or service is completed, the developer will use a variety of tools to detect the site is normal and its performance.

From my personal experience, I will use Google PageSpeed Insights (now also with AMP Validator) and W3C Validator to test my website. Google PageSpeed Insights mainly for the site to optimize the effectiveness, the latter two services is to check the correctness of the site code. Of course, you can use other free website analyze tool to detect the speed of your sites after its published.

You must also know that the site can be opened faster in addition to retain more visitors, for the search engine also has a relative bonus effect.


Today, w3cgeek will recommend one open source free website detection tool to you.

Sonar is Open Source object as free website analyze tool, which originated by Microsoft.

Sonar - Microsoft Open Source Free Website Analyze Tool

It sounds a bit special? In fact, it was originally developed by members of the Microsoft Edge browser team and later donated to JS Foundation in June as a commitment to support the open source community. Sonar is now officially launched to the public, whether you are any type of site can use it to detect site performance and security.

Sonar online tools to use the method is very simple, as PageSpeed Insights, as long as the open site. Just enter the URL to be detected, you can get a complete report in a short time, including the number of errors.

Sonar - Microsoft Open Source Free Website Analyze Tool -2

Sonar can detect issues such as accessibility, interactivity, performance, security, and Progressive Web App (PWA). If an error is found, Sonar will prompt the user for the wrong file path and the solution.

Of course, developers still should have the ability to find a solution to the problems, after all, many problems may not often encounter.

In my experience, I suggest you search related error message from Google, there should be other people encounter a similar situation.

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