shorthand If Statements: C#

Just a quick one, Is there anyway to shorthand this?

It’s basically determining the direction left or right, 1 for left, 0 for right

In C#:

if (column == 0) { direction = 0; }
else if (column == _gridSize - 1) { direction = 1; }
else { direction = rand.Next(2); }

The statement following this will be:

if (direction == 1)
    // do something
    // do something else

If there isn’t, it doesn’t really matter! just curious:)

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Use the ternary operator

direction == 1 ? dosomething () : dosomethingelse ();

Yes. Use the ternary operator.

condition ? first_expression : second_expression;

To use shorthand to get the direction:

int direction = column == 0
                ? 0
                : (column == _gridSize - 1 ? 1 : rand.Next(2));

To simplify the code entirely:

if (column == gridSize - 1 || rand.Next(2) == 1)

Recently, I really enjoy shorthand if else statements as a swtich case replacement. In my opinion, this is better in read and take less place. Just take a look:

var redirectUrl =
      status == LoginStatusEnum.Success ? "/SecretPage"
    : status == LoginStatusEnum.Failure ? "/LoginFailed"
    : status == LoginStatusEnum.Sms ? "/2-StepSms"
    : status == LoginStatusEnum.EmailNotConfirmed ? "/EmailNotConfirmed"
    : "/404-Error";

instead of

string redirectUrl;
switch (status)
    case LoginStatusEnum.Success:
        redirectUrl = "/SecretPage";
    case LoginStatusEnum.Failure:
        redirectUrl = "/LoginFailed";
    case LoginStatusEnum.Sms:
        redirectUrl = "/2-StepSms";
    case LoginStatusEnum.EmailNotConfirmed:
        redirectUrl = "/EmailNotConfirmed";
        redirectUrl = "/404-Error";