selecting data from IBM database while using wampserver

Good day,
I am using wampserver, and I would like to get data from a remote IBM database (AS400) using db2_connect. I’ve tried searching on some ways but I couldn’t get the idea of doing it. I have successfully included ibm_db2.dll extension on my php. However, I don’t know what to do next.

As you seem to be using “DB2 Connect” (and not a separate DB2 client) product you can either configure DB2-Connect with a node/alias/dsn and then mention that alias with the db2_connect() action, or use PDO_IBM longer connection string with all the details as mentioned here.

You need to know the tcpip-address (or hostname) of the i-Series DB2-server, and the Port-number it listens on.

Check this technote for the actions required to make a node/alias (I believe the same general configuration pattern applies to DB2-connect as Data server client).

The advantage of configuring like this is that you can verify the database-connect in your workstation command line shell , before making it work in PHP/pdo.