SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, what the hell are they?


Infrastructure, as, a, Service, infrastructure as a service.

If you want to do a website now, you must have a server or a virtual machine, either build it yourself or buy a server operator. To put it bluntly, IaaS is the solution to enterprise hardware problems, including servers, storage devices, network devices and other infrastructure. With the infrastructure, you can build the environment.


Platform, as, a, Service, platform as a service.

If you want to make a website now, you do not want to buy a server to take an environment oneself, you buy the PaaS service of other people directly. PaaS usually for enterprises to solve the problem of leasing the hardware and operating system are optional, build a development and testing environment, and a variety of programming language options, provides a running directly with the software platform. With PaaS, you can do development work on it. Of course, some other programs and software have to be installed and configured by yourself.


Software, as, a, Service, software as a service.

You want to do a website now, you won’t do it, you just buy someone’s mature software and configure it several times before you can use it. It is selling software, you don’t have to hire server software, time consuming work, you directly buy others to use the software through the Internet can, do not need to install locally, or software as a service, you pay, other software services.

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, what the hell are they?

How to choose?

Most companies now choose Iaas services, build their own environment and develop software, of course, do not rule out some direct use of SaaS or PaaS services, specifically to see the needs of enterprises.

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SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, what the hell are they?