Runtime exceptions are caught with ACRA and not displayed on Logcat [closed]

I have successfully implemented ACRA(Application Crash Report for Android) on my project and error reports are sent to Google docs correctly. But… when an exception happens on my app, it doesnt show up on my logcat and this is what i get:

ACRA caught a RuntimeException exception for Building report.

So ACRA catches errors and doesn’t let Logcat display what happened. I’m currently developing my application and i don’t have the time to open Google docs for every issue happens. Should i disable ACRA on development and enable it on production?


You have something else going on in your app (or your IDE) that is causing this behaviour.

ACRA does not swallow any Exceptions. They will appear in your log as well as in your error repository (in your case a Google doc).

Are you filtering the logcat? In my apps, I can see the errors in the logcat even with ACRA, but their level is reduced to a warning, instead of an error.

Try lowering your filtering of the LogCat.