Rspec integration tests without cucumber?

Is there a way to do integration tests with Rspec without using Cucumber? I prefer using just plain old Webrat. Thanks.

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Why is cucumber considered an integration testing tool instead of a unit testing tool?

This has always bothered me. Why is it people say to unit test in rspec but integration test in cucumber? I am not asking why these tests are necessary – I know what the difference is between integrat


As far as I know Rspec is perfectly capable of testing views and controllers as part of integration tests. A quick look around the internet shows this article at Robby on Rails on view testing and some of the Rdocs within RSpec might help.

Hope this points you in the right direction – I’m afraid I use cucumber myself.

So far, the only article I found is this


The latest version of RSpec-Rails (1.2.7) now has integration support. Upgrade then start adding specs to spec/integration or use the ‘integration_spec’ generator. Configure Webrat in spec/spec_helper.rb and you’re set!

Check this link at RailsCasts. This is a nice episode of doing integration tests with rspec.

We’ve recently started using RSpec with Capybara over Cucumber. Here is a “beginners” blog post I recently wrote on using RSpec integration tests without cucumber.

End-to-end testing with RSpec integration tests and Capybara

Let me know if you have any questions on getting your system set up.