Responsive Screenshots – To Test Responsive Web Design

Responsive Screenshots is a free online tool to test Responsive Web Design. You can enter the URL to view the website displayed on the PC and mobile device.

What is Responsive Web Design?

In simple words, the web page can automatically adjust the page layout according to different screen sizes.

For example, if the screen width is sufficient, the sidebar will be automatically hidden or moved to the bottom.

The advantage of Responsive Web Design is that there is no need to additionally maintain another web theme.

However, if you are developing a Responsive Web Design version, how do you know it is displayed on different devices?


Responsive Screenshots is a free online tool for viewing responsive web design. You can preview websites on iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones by entering a test URL, or switch to a specific size Computer or mobile device.

How to use Responsive Screenshots to test your website?

1. Open Responsive Screenshots website then enter your website URL.

After opening the Responsive Screenshots website, you can see an address bar and four default devices. By default, the display style of web pages will be tested under iMac 27, MacBook Pro 15, iPad and iPhone X.

Responsive Screenshots is a free online tool

2. If you have special needs, you can also click to select other similar products from the bottom part of the device. For example, MacBook Pro can also choose 15-inch or Macbook Air and other different product devices.


3. After entering the URL, then click on the “Grab Shots” button on the right to get the screenshot. The webpage will prompt you for 5-10 seconds, which depending on the webpage you are testing. Please do not close the webpage until the end.

4. After the test is completed, Responsive Screenshots will show the effect of the webpage on devices with different screen sizes. As mentioned above, some pages that use RWD will display menu and sidebar only when the overall width is enough. If the width is not enough, the menu will be hidden. Sidebar, so that limited space can be more efficient application, but also more in line with a variety of screen size to read.

free online tool to test Responsive Web Design

If you want to see larger screenshots, you can download the JPEG format at the bottom of the page on Responsive Screenshots, or you can click “Download ZIP” to download all the test results.