Resizing icons in Carto legend

In Carto, is there a way to resize the custom legend symbols? I am using stars as points on my map, but in the legend the stars are very small and I cannot figure out how to resize them? I have successfully resized simple shapes, i.e. boxes and circles with in the code below, and it is a simple matter of changing the height and width:

<span class="Legend-categorySquare" style="opacity:1; background: #040f47;height:20px; width:20px;margin-right: -1px;"</span>

However, with stars, I am not sure there is a default legend category for them, because in the code they are listed as circles, but appear as stars.

 <span class="Legend-categoryCircle" style="opacity:1; background: #5F4690;"></span>

if I change any aspect of the code, they default back to circles. Any ideas?