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Replace last occurrence of character in string

I’ve got the following string : 01/01/2014 blbalbalbalba blabla/blabla I would like to replace the last slash with a space, and keep the first 2 slashes in the date. The closest thing I have come up


No need for jQuery nor regex

str = str.substring(0,str.length-2)+otherchar

to replace last char in a string

var pos = str.lastIndexOf('_');
str = str.substring(0,pos) + otherchar + str.substring(pos+1)

to replace last underscore

or use one of the regular expressions you will get in a minute from someone šŸ™‚

You don’t need jQuery, just a regular expression.

This will remove the last underscore:

var str = 'a_b_c';
str = str.replace(/_([^_]*)$/,'$1'); //a_bc

This will replace it with the contents of the variable replacement:

var str = 'a_b_c', replacement = '!';
str = str.replace(/_([^_]*)$/,replacement+'$1'); //a_b!c

Reverse the string, replace the char, reverse the string.

Here is a post for reversing a string in javascript: How do you reverse a string in place in JavaScript?

Keep it simple

var someString = "a_b_c";
var newCharacter = "+";

var newString = someString.substring(0, someString.lastIndexOf('_')) + newCharacter + someString.substring(someString.lastIndexOf('_')+1);

You can use this code

var str="test_String_ABC";
var strReplacedWith=" and ";
var currentIndex = str.lastIndexOf("_");
str = str.substring(0, currentIndex) + strReplacedWith + str.substring(currentIndex + 1, str.length);


What about this?

function replaceLast(x, y, z){
  var a = x.split("");
  a[x.lastIndexOf(y)] = z;
  return a.join("");

replaceLast("Hello world!", "l", "x"); // Hello worxd!

This is very similar to mplungjan’s answer, but can be a bit easier (especially if you need to do other string manipulation right after and want to keep it as an array) Anyway, I just thought I’d put it out there in case someone prefers it.

var str = 'a_b_c';
str = str.split(''); //['a','_','b','_','c']
str.splice(str.lastIndexOf('_'),1,'-'); //['a','_','b','-','c']
str = str.join(''); //'a_b-c'

The ‘_’ can be swapped out with the char you want to replace

And the ‘-‘ can be replaced with the char or string you want to replace it with