Remember to study cocoads

It is 23:12; today is the first day to the new company, and spent nearly half a month, for a long time not to learn to take notes, write some articles, today to the new company, to send a MBP to the configuration environment, with cocoapods, and then forget some commands, especially today remember to look after;

The first step is to upgrade the gem (both at the end of the operation)

The following children’s shoes do not understand, you can leave a message for me

Sudo gem update –system

The second step is to replace the ruby source

Delete original source

Ruby sources –remove

Add new source

Ruby sources -a

(the original Taobao mirror is no longer available. Now most of the tutorials on the web are replacing Taobao sources, which is a pit)

The third step is to upgrade Ruby

Here we should pay attention to, I am here to break several times;
install cocoapods environment need Ruby version is greater than in the 2.2.2. version of
ruby -v to see the current version of
installed ruby to RVM

Install RVM

Curl -L bash -s | $stable

Check the installation is normal

$RVM -v

View the current Ruby Version

$ruby -v

List the known Ruby versions

$RVM list known

Install Ruby 2.3

$RVM install 2.3

View the current Ruby Version

$ruby -v

The fourth step is an exciting step ahead of the preparation process. Install cocoapods

The $sudo, gem, install, cocoapods,
, $, pod, setup, and
perform both steps

The night is deep, and I have to get up early to work tomorrow. What can I do for you?;