Rebrandly – Short Links Service Tool That Easiest Way to Create Short Links

Rebrandly is a website providing short links service, Rebrandly stated that it’s the easiest way to create and share short links.

No doubt, it is a very useful short links tool for the webmaster.

Rebrandly can be used for your brand to create a dedicated free short URL and you can customize the domain name.

We w3cgeek have introduced a lot of short links service tool. In fact, these tools do not emphasize how powerful the function, but the reliability and stability cannot be too bad, or when the short link will become a cumbersome failure.


For example, last month, PicSee Pike, a short links service tool designed for community sharing, met some situations where unsolicited links could be signaled using the short URL.

A few months ago short website fault repair for some time, during this period some of the original short URL some cannot connect or point to the wrong link.

All kinds of reasons will cause trouble to users, so the reliability and stability should there.

A better way to solve the problems at this stage is to use your domain name as a short URL to avoid being compromised by someone else’s abuse.

Of course, if your URLs is so many, you can directly 301 301 (Redirect) set.

If it is usually used in conjunction with the social networking sites, you can consider that supporting the custom URLs short links service, so that more personalized links.

Rebrandly is a short links tool for a custom domain that offers free and paid programs. It with the exception of feature-based short URLs and custom URLs.

Rebrandly - The Easiest Way to Create Short Links

With Rebrandly, you can map your URLs to your services and use a variety of features, including copying URLs, creating short links, and customizing your link names, as well as statistical analysis, batch build links, QR Code, API and other functions.

For small and medium-sized websites in general, the free program is actually enough to establish 1,000 short web URLs. Different payment levels of 10,000 and 50,000 respectively will not be too difficult to set.

It is worth mentioning that Rebrandly is built on Amazon Web Services, with trusted uptime information,

As mentioned earlier for the short links service, reliability and stability are very important. Using Rebrandly do not have to worry about similar problems.

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